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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Beginning Sunday, May 23, our Sunday morning protocols have changed.  Masks will still be expected at our 8:30 AM service, but will be optional at 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM.  If you are unfamiliar with our new protocols, please click HERE.

Sign up for Worship?  Strange times bring about strange things.  In the interest of safety and social distance, we will have limited capacity at our services.  EVERYONE attending Sunday worship, will need to sign up in advance. A new sign-up link for worship will be posted every Monday. 

Here's the scoop:
First you will choose which service you want to attend- 8:30 AM (masks required), 10:00 AM (masks optional) or 11:30 AM (masks optional).

Then you will choose ONE pew per household (1-6 people)
Then you will fill in your name, email and the number of people (including yourself and children) that will sit in the pew with you. 

You will receive email confirmation after you sign up.  This confirmation will allow you to alter your reservation anytime during the week.  If your plans change, please cancel to allow space for others.


Are you new to GBC and our services are full? Let us help you!


Bringing your children to GraceKids?
You must sign up!

Each Sunday we offer limited GraceKids Classes for children birth through 5th Grade. At our Maple Campus classes are during our 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM service 
Here’s what you need to know:
#1 First, Parent(s) must sign up for Worship at the campus and time of your choice.(link above)
#2 Then, click the link below to sign your children up for their classes.
Maple Campus GraceKids
Click here to sign up

Still unsure how it works?  Watch this video
If you have more questions about our GraceKids Clases, please contact   .

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What time and how many services will we have?
A: We currently have three services. Services are at 8:30 AM (masks required), 10:00 AM (masks optional) and 11:30 AM (masks optional).  

 Q: How long will these revised protocols be in place?

A: We have no idea.  We will continue to monitor the situation and change as it seems wise.  Please continue to read all the information we send to you and watch for changes in the coming weeks and/or months.

Q: How will seating work?

 A: Our GBC Staff and volunteers will continue to seat you as you arrive. There will continue to be designated seating areas. We will fill in pews from the front of the auditorium to the back and dismiss from the back to the front.

Q: Do we still need to sign up ahead of time?

A: Yes, for now we will continue to require sign up for all our Worship services. This is important for our planning, capacity control and is particularly necessary for our GraceKids staff.  A new link will continue to be available every Monday morning in The LOOP and on our website. “Just showing up” is strongly discouraged.

 Q: Will we need to wear masks to enter the building?

A: Wearing a mask in the building is expected at our 8:30 AM service at our Maple Campus.  It will be optional for all other services..

Q: What if my preferred service time is full?

A: We are sorry. Some services will continue to fill before others. If your preferred service is full, we encourage you to sign up for another service and sign up for your preferred service earlier the following week. If you simply cannot make another service time work for you, please continue to check for cancelations or email   and we will try to monitor availability for you.

Q: Are we singing corporately?

A: Yes.  We began singing corporately in all services on March 7 and this will continue.

Q: But wait, what is a “household?”A: A household is a group of related or non-related people wanting to sit close together (not socially distant). For example, if you are coming alone - you are a household. If you are a group of 3, you are a household. If you are a group of 6, you are a household. If your household is larger than 6, reserve 2 pews.

 Q: Ok, but will the services continue to be available on-line?

A: Yes! Our pre-recorded service will still be available by 9:30 on Sunday.  We will offer both options for the foreseeable future.  As you know, the “in person” service will not be recorded or live-streamed.  Please choose the format that is best for you! 
Q: Will there be coffee and tea?

No.  These will be “bring your own coffee” services and you will be asked to remove everything from your space when you leave. 

A new sign-up link for Worship will be sent every Monday!


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